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About me

Find out who I am, what I do, what motivates me and what my intrests are.


2 min.

Introduction video

Who is Kai Janssen?

In this video I will show you what makes me, me. As an industrial desigener I am always bussy with design. I see design as a expression of art with a practical application using creativity to solve problems. But, engeneering isn’t the only place where I express my creativity.

To name a few: photography, cinematography, drawing, painting, animating, fashion, music, dance, cooking

Kai Janssen

My Story

My name is Kāi-yǎn Janssen. In a nutshell I am a young driven creative individual full of ambition. I have a broad range of different topics that interest me. I will learn and master that what I need to achieve my goals. All my hobby’s and interests have one thing in common; they are all creative expressions. That is the reason why I see myself more as an artist than an engineer. Whether it is drawing, photography or cooking, I am in my element.

Functional artistic expression, this is what I stand for, where I see myself in and where I want to grow in.

I strive to do things right, and will ALWAYS try to do the right thing


Some of the competences I have developed the most are: communication, analytical ability, working under pressure, leadership, working together, working pragmatically, creative thinking, work preparation and organization.

Computer skils

★★☆     Word, Excel, PowerPoint

★☆     Photoshop, InDesign, illustrator,

                         Premiere pro,

☆     FL studio.

★☆     SolidWorks: CSWA


Training and courses

2018 – present Fontys University of Technology and Logistics IPO, propaedeutic phase

2018 – 2019 Fontys University of Technology and Logistics WTB, propaedeutic phase

2013 – 2018 Elzendaal College Boxmeer, Highschool (HAVO) diploma

Profile: “Nature and technology” and “Nature and health”

Subjects: Dutch, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Art.

2011 Assistant Mediator – Skillful helper in conflict resolution between two parties.

Work experience

2017 – present: McDonalds

Function: crew member

Tasks: Grill and frying operator, line cook, stock and warehouse work, leadership and responsibility over the kitchen staff

2013: Newspaper Delivery

Contact info