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Lunar Lingerie

Lunar lingerie is a start-up that I started in the Minor entrepreneurship with 4 other student-entrepreneurs

Lunar Lingerie is a start-up that provides a lingerie subscription for young adolescent girls. This subscription takes away the inconveniences of buying lingerie and turns it into a fun experience. For €25,- per month the customer gets sent a monthly package with lingerie and an extra surprise. This can be a perfume tester or a beauty product.

How does it work?

Lunar Lingerie works with a cycle of 3 months. In the first month the customer will receive a matching set consisting of a bralette and a slip. In both the second and third month the customer will receive a matching slip. On top of that the customer will receive every month in every box an extra surprise. This can be a perfume tester or another beauty product.

Every month the customer can edit in their account their preferences like size, colour and type of lingerie. But besides this, the package is a complete surprise so that it will feel more like a monthly present.

My roles in the start-up


Customer Research

For us it was really important to know exactly the target audience is looking for and what problems they encounter. The solution: research!

Brand Identity

A good solid fundament is what a brand needs as you don’t want to be all over the place. Continuity and recognizable on all fields.

Web design

Not surprising, but a brand also needs a website so that your customers can find you, learn about the product and hopefully buy it as well. It is also very useful for potential partners to find you.

Business development

A start-up is different from a company. As both the other 4 student-entrepreneurs and I had no prior experience in entrepreneurship we had to start from absolute zero. So, we applied the lean methodology.     “Build, measure learn.”

Graphic design & Desktop publishing

I am also in charge of many of the creative aspects. Some of these are: Packaging, flyers, banners and the branding (design dna: logo, colours, fonts and continuity over the house style).


Finally, I am also in charge of the imagery. Since we are a start-up, we have no budget for a luxurious photo studio, so all product shots were photographed in a makeshift home studio.


This was the motto that was repeated throughout the whole semester. Get out of the building, or GOOTB for short, goes hand in hand with build -> measure -> learn. You found a problem, get out of the building and validate that assumption. You came up with a solution, get out and validate it. You made the company house style, go validate if it fits with the target audience.

So… that’s what we did. I was at first completely out of my comfort zone, but gradually I got used to it and it became even fun. Especially because after every interview we could refine the product more resulting in a lot of positive feedback which felt really assuring.

survey respondents


Business consultants

The prototype

Displayed here is the MVP (minimal viable product) which was used to test if the packaging was fit for the target audience.

The Design DNA

product moodboard